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Compression masks after dental operations and face lift

Marena offers facial compression garments designed for patients to wear after a dental or facial operations such as a face lifting, root canal or orthodontic treatments, and other face surgeries.

We carry unisex facial compression garments in various sizes, several styles, and coverage areas, making it possible to find one that perfectly fits your needs.


Compression masks provide support to treated areas during healing period and are lower the risk of having visible scars, help reducing bruises and swelling. Moreover, proper compression promote blood circulation and therefore the risk of blood clots is minimized.

It is usually recomended to wear compression mask about two weeks after surgcal face-lift. They should be worn as much hours as possible, including while sleeping. Therefore it is very important to choose such face compression garment that gives absolute comfort for wearing it for a long time.

It is also quite important to choose the right model and size, because mask should be snug and comfortable but not to pressure too strongly. It is not only the matter of comfort but also as an important for healty healing with no complications.


Choosing the rigt compresion mask is quite easy. Follow Marena Recovery compression masks chart to choose best size or ask your doctor to choose it for you.


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