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Post-surgery compression: how to use and take care

The garment is applied directly to the patient after surgery. The compression garment is usually worn continuously for several weeks as recommended by a physician individually. Everyone experiences the feeling of compression differently, but in general, compression should not be the cause of pain.

Your garment should fit snugly, but you should be able to slip a finger under the fabric.

Marena® compression products are intended for use to support and compress an area of the patient’s body after the following surgeries:

  1. Surgical procedures for the breasts, including breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast reconstruction, mastectomy, and mastopexy (breast lift).

  2. Liposuction

  3. Lipoplasty

  4. Lipoinjection

  5. Brachioplasty

  6. Abdominoplasty

  7. Abdominal surgeries, including hysterectomy, appendectomy, caesarian section

  8. Gynecomastia

  9. Facial and oral/maxillofacial surgeries

Contraindications: Not to be used if the patient is sensitive to Tactel NylonTM or LycraTM

General warnings and precautions: Follow the instructions of the healthcare provider for measurement, sizing and wearing. Excessive compression can lead to skin necrosis and can be a contributing factor to deep vein thrombosis.

For comfort and hygiene, it is recommended that the patient be supplied with at least two garments.

Washing instructions: Wash inside out with like colours. Do not use fabric softener or bleach. Do not dry clean or iron.

Storage instructions: Avoid excessive heat, cold or moisture. Store away from atmospheric contaminants such as gases from internal combustion engines. Store protected from sunlight. Recommended storage conditions are 4-29 °C.


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