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How to Choose A Surgical Bra After Breast Augmentation

After breast augmentation surgery as well as after any breast size corrections, returning to normal life and feeling good is especially important for every patient. Finding the right surgical bra can help ease the recovery process by promoting a more comfortable healing period. It is extremely important to choose the right size and model and for maximum comfort, the fabric specifications also play quite a major role.

Compression Bra After Breast Augmentation
Compression Bra After Breast Augmentation

When searching for the right post-surgical bra, accurate sizing is critical. Be sure to measure yourself properly and refer to Marena Recovery sizing guides (find the chart below) to ensure the compression is applied consistently, comfortably, and to the correct areas.

When measuring yourself for a bra, measure at two points: directly underneath the bust and the fullest part of the bust. If you can, get a friend to help size you and (or) consult your doctor about the correct sizing for your recovery garment.

Watch this video to see how exactly measurements are made:


> 80% of women wear the wrong size bra without knowing it.

> Overflowing cups that dig into the breast tissue, non-supportive back, and straps that are too small are not recommended for post-surgical recovery.

Marena Recovery Compression accomodates Breast size due to swelling
FLEXFIT™ B-CUP technology to accommodate variations of breast size


Swelling is normal after surgeries, but it makes quite difficult to choose the right bra size. Indeed, Marena Recovery compression bras were created keeping that in mind.

Marena Recovery post-surgical compression bras are exceptional because of the unique FLEXFIT™ B-CUP technology due to which your chosen compression bra:

1 | Accommodates variation in breast size due to fluctuations in post-operative swelling.

2 | Adapts to the variation in the achieved implant projection compared to pre-surgery estimates.

Marena Recovery Post-Surgery  Compression Bra
Marena Recovery Post-Surgery Compression Bra is Ultimately comfortable


Measure two points and follow this chart to find the best compression bra size:

Marena Recovery Compression Bra Size Chart
Marena Recovery Compression Bra Size Chart

Your recovery bra should be designed to accommodate variations in breast size due to swelling, provide compression that moves with you, and remains comfortable. Here are a few features to look out for in your recovery bra:

  • No underwire – Underwire can cause discomfort and irritate the incisions as they heal.

  • Soft, breathable fabric – You will likely be wearing your post-surgical bra 24/7, so your recovery bra must be engineered with a fabric that will stay dry and comfortable, like our proprietary TriFlex™ fabric.

  • No internal seams – Like underwire, seams against the skin can cause irritation or discomfort to sensitive areas or incision sites. Wear a recovery bra, like Marena’s FlexFit™ bras, that offer outward-facing seams to promote optimal comfort against the skin.

  • Adjustable straps – Due to fluctuations in swelling and other symptoms after surgery, you may need to adjust the fit of your bra throughout your recovery. Adjustable straps will also help you achieve the best fit and comfort.

Remember, the right post-breast augmentation bra should provide support and comfort. The bra should keep your breasts in place and protect the tissue while reducing irritation and discomfort.


The main reason is that they are scientifically engineered for superior fit and comfort. Every detail was considered when creating special designs that make the recovery period as comfortable as possible.

1 | Extended Length + Soft Elastic Band

Positioned below the inframammary fold to avoid incision interference and irritation

2 |Outward Facing Seams

Prevents rubbing and/or suture disturbance

3 |Positioning Guides

Helps aid in positioning the stabilizer band

4 |Padded Hook-and-Eye Shoulder Closure

Provides extra comfort and adjustability for the patient


Our final tip for choosing a surgical bra after breast augmentation is to talk to your doctor. Everyone recovers differently, so consider consulting with your doctor to help find the right surgical bra for your size, procedure, and recovery stage.


Marena Recovery products are available on our online shop and in certain clinics which sell post-surgery garments to their patients.

Contact us if you are the clinic and/or doctor working in Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia, and wish to have a personal demonstration of the Marena Recovery range and/or to try this particular product.

Otherwise, please click the button if you need this product for personal use:

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